What to do when hiking brings you so much joy?
Then there is only one thing you can do: grab your backpack and go.

From 2014 to 2020 Esmeralda walked from Finisterre to Jeruzalem. During that period she covered a distance of 5.000 kilometers spread over seven stages. All dedicated to the theme of love. During the last 75 kilometers of her journey, straight through the Westbank of Palestine, she was accompanied by thirteen Dutch women. Of this last week a documentary is made.

The documentary takes you on a journey through the beautiful and barren landscape of Palestine and shares with you the message of love.

Online premiere

The online premiere was on Sunday September 27 at 3pm CET on YouTube.

Watching the documentary was free of charge. In case you do have the financial means to contribute towards the costs of the production of the film and to help us spread the message of love, we would highly appreciate your support.


Sandra and Esmeralda met one another in 2015 and became very close friends in the years that followed. Their life purposes: love and joy, created a unique connection between the two of them. Even before Sandra started studying cinematography in South-Africa, they knew she was going to join to capture the last stretch of this pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

On the 8th of February 2020, Esmeralda and Sandra met in Jordan and together they crossed the border to Palestine. A few days later twelve women joined them and they started the 5-day journey from Jericho to Jerusalem. A tough hike through occupied territory. A journey full of metaphors, with highlights and low points, joy and grief, but first and foremost a trip in the name of love.

The music in the film, is Alexia Chellun’s and it is such a perfect match that it almost feels like the music was written for this film. We are very grateful for that.

Esmeralda Heij

‘I feel that I am a pilgrim and an amazone; a warrior on the path of love’.

Those two aspects of her live beautifully unite in the documentary A million steps for love and are the result of the spiritual path that Esmeralda (1969) embarked on in 2007. Simply because she didn’t have a choice if she wanted to find out who she truly is.

Esmeralda has her own way of doing things. She is strongly led by her inner desire and by what is presented by life. The Jerusalem Way is officially a 7,500 kilometer journey, of which Esmeralda walked 5.000 kilometers. She did it her way.

Esmeralda grew up in a safe environment in Den Helder, had a vibrant student life in Leiden and a good career in the corporate world. But at the end of 2008 she had to make some tough choices. She ended her marriage and quit her job to embark on the path of love. That resulted in the birth of her own company Vrouwen met lef (meaning: courageous women) to encourage women to grow in self-love, partner love and universal love. ‘Courage’ because that is what is needed to choose the path of love.

Sandra Korse

Sandra (1978) is a sparkling personality who listens with her heart and who loves unexpected discoveries. She is a passionate interviewer and a considerate documentary maker who is driven by the phrase: ‘joy can change the world.’

In order to find her own ‘joy’, Sandra had to make a few tough decisions. In 2015, she separated, quit her project management assignments and left for South-Africa, where she studied cinematography and interviewed many people about joy.

Over the last few years she worked hard to prepare herself for her role in the bigger picture. With her passion for different cultures, her qualities as an interviewer and the joy that her camera brings, she is ready to contribute to the growing evolution of human consciousness on our planet. Meer informatie.